Petsistence, 2016

The installation consists of three stained glass windows made out of pet plastic bottles puts forward the idea of holiness of the nature and also questions its destruction. 















Exhibition view from Mamut Art Project 2016





Dialogues, 2004

The installation consists of 7000 used chewing gums packed in plastic.
Each chewing gum was collected from a person’s mouth after spending a specific time.
During this time, the chewing gum witnessed and recorded ideas, words and conversations of its user.
The project functions as an archive of memories, of what is left over from a significant era.












Synchronals, 2004

The project consists of 10 standing metal water pipes with faucets on the upper end. Each pipe is
equipped with an audio player. Audio players are playing various definitions of the word ‘synchron’
recorded at different times and places by ten people. Each person talked without any time limit but was
allowed to use the word ‘synchron’ only once. The audience gets to pick and listen various recordings
simultaneously by turning the volume up and down through the tab and hopefully experience
intersections and coincidences of the looping word ‘synchron’










The Cell, 2005

For this project, the exhibition space was divided into 90 identical white cells that are 70 to 70 square
centimeters wide and 270 centimeters tall by vinyl curtains. The audience was invited to walk the
constructed space. Every now and then, while navigating through the maze, the viewer was interrupted
by a cellphone data receiving sound.We are no longer free to navigate and explore our surroundings and
physical environments like our primary ancestors did. In our everyday lives, it seems as if our freedom
of movement is kept under control in limited or restricted zones by various grid systems that are imposed upon us. The project’s aim was to create a space that is both physical and psychological in order to point out to the mechanisms that are controlling our everyday lives.






Passage, 2005

‘Passage’ was part of an exhibition titled ‘Between Two Sides’ that took place on a public ferry
operating between two continents of Istanbul. The Istanbullers have a keen awareness of ‘the other side’
and they always call the side that they are not in ‘the other side’ no matter which side they happen to be.
This phenomenon is what the installation ‘Passage’ is about. It highlights this transfer process through
the vinyl fabric walls that are constructed in the passageway of the ferry. By making the travellers pass
through the fabric walls the artists defines and creates awareness to the space that exists in between two sides.










Transfer, 2005

‘Transfer’ video is another proposition for ‘Between Two Sides’ exhibition. The real time progress
bar of the trip is shown in one of the screens in the ferry to highlight the transferring process of people
from one side to another.



© Uluç Ali Kılıç 2015