Artist’s Statement

  I believe we are a part of a universal pattern. We are functioning as little units in the system and
our actions effect each other. Modern man puts himself at the center of everything and misses
a point, that we are just another living creature just like animals, plants, insects or marine species.
We must live in harmony with the environment. However, we are the main cause of environmen-
tal disasters and all sorts of pollution on the planet. This brings in evolution of mankind and it’s
effects on the environment as a matter of concern. I realize evolution needs errors in order to
progress. My practise is basically observing these errors in the system and outlining them. I use
art as a tool for researching and experimenting within my subject matter.

  Movement and process are essential in my experience. In that manner, traveling and social
structures are two important sources for my creation process. Exchanging ideas through inter-
action with different cultures adds extra dimensions to my perspective and my ideas usually
come from actual experiences and notes from everyday life. My works can be seen as visual
reflections of my observations on social structures in everyday life, human behaviour and
problems originated from mankind. They are multilayered visual suggestions emerged upon
my attempts to solve the issues reflected. To express my criticism on everyday life i put together
coincidental data from different layers working with various media ranging from painting to
video and installation. I work with the most suitable materials that support my ideas, which often
leads me to new possibilities and approaches. My aim is to encourage the audience to think
about these issues and to generate solutions through images and the materials i use in my works.



Born in 1979, Ankara
Studied at Hacettepe University-Faculty of Fine Arts-Painting between 1998-2003

2002 AAD Exlibris Show, Gallery Akdeniz, Ankara
2003 Hacettepe University Graduation Show, Ankara
2004 Solo Show, Gallery As, Ankara
2004 “Holes In The Mirror” Siemens Sanat, Istanbul
2004 “Between Two Sides” Aykut Barka Ferry boat, Istanbul
2005 “24.Contemporary Artists Istanbul Exhibition” Aksanat, Istanbul
2007 “Müdahale” Harfiyat Karaköy, Istanbul
2013 “Transit” Solo Show, Kulah Karaköy, Istanbul
2014 “God Save The Porn” Kulah Karaköy, Istanbul
2014 “Roots” Solo Show, 311 Artworks, Istanbul
2016 “Mamut Art Project” Kucukciftlik Park, Istanbul
2017 “The Road” Solo Show, Alacati Zula, Cesme
2017 “Open House” Group Show, Sim Apartment, Istanbul




© Uluç Ali Kılıç 2015